Meaningful Clothing and gifts

With a Focus on Special Needs. A Non Profit Organization

Special Needs Awareness

We support many health-related causes by offering comfortable and affordable apparel and gifts promoting awareness.

Giving Back

A portion of every sale is contributed to numerous charitable organizations throughout the year.

We are a Non Profit Oranization. We need monetary donations to continue sustainability while donating a portion of all proceeds and merchandise to the various causes.

We are Difference Makers

Join our cause! Together as a team we can help those in need. We are the Schmidt family: Tim, Nikki, and Ashton.

Charity for Education

We understand the importance of educating others about causes that matter and are near and dear to your heart. Let's work together to create awareness!

Supporting The Cause

We provide a resource for those who are passionate about a cause to come and find the appropriate awareness t-shirt or gift for that cause.

A Little About Us​

Our story starts with our son Ashton being injured at birth. One broken arm, one arm suffering Erb’s Palsy (BPI), Respiratory Distress, Hypotonia, Brain Bleeds, Global Delays, a 2 month NICU stay and coming home with a Feeding Tube (G-Tube Mic-Key Button). Of course we were not ready...

"I go where Daddy goes."
Family is Everything
Ashton in the NICU
Celebrating the Small Steps
Our Little Man Today
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